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Birth of comScore's Hybrid Measure

June 1 2009

Online measurement giant comScore has announced the arrival of Media Metrix 360, a 'panel-centric hybrid' solution to digital audience measurement.

The new approach has been built to reconcile traffic metrics from client server-side and ad server data with consistent hybrid audience measures, for planning and iprovement of online media campaigns. It combines person-level measurement from comScore's proprietary 2 million person global panel with Web site server metrics.

President and CEO Dr. Magid Abraham said the release was 'an innovative and elegant measurement solution to the increasingly complex digital media landscape... which represents the Web's first true measurement 'currency''. He added: 'we will continue to work cooperatively and transparently with various industry organizations to enable our clients to maximize the bottom-line benefit of our innovations.'

The new service will be implemented with July 2009 data for Canada and the US, published in August 2009; August 2009 UK data to be published in September 2009; and data for other countries beginning in Q4 2009.

Also in the release, a newly developed comScore 'universe report' will provide visibility into the entire universe of Internet usage, including access of Web sites from mobile devices and computers outside of home and work, supplementing the traditional home and work universe data provided by the existing Media Metrix service with server-side data. More granular information will help clients looking to reach and assess niche audiences in an increasingly fragmented media world.

comScore says the new method, which has won vocal backing from a large number of key clients, 'is not effected by distortions such as cookie deletion, cookie rejection and non-user requested traffic.' Details can be found at direct.comscore.com .

The company has also recently announced the UK launch of digital media campaign planning and buying tool comScore Ad Metrix, which provides 'comprehensive insight' into where display ads are viewed online and the demographic composition of the audiences reached.

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