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Partners Study Impact of Free Web Knowledge

November 4 2009

comScore has partnered with non-profit organization the Wikimedia Foundation to improve understanding of the reach and impact of free knowledge on the web.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy WalesThe alliance will aim to increase awareness of global web audience trends and demographics, particularly for sites like Wikipedia.

To support the partnership, comScore is providing access to its global web measurement tool Media Metrix, which Wikimedia will use to augment its global site-usage statistics, interpret project participation and editing trends, and develop a long-term strategy to expand awareness and usage in new markets, such as Asia.

'Every day I tell someone new that Wikipedia is a top five global Web property* - valuable information we would not have known without comScore' comments Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. 'comScore Media Metrix provides something we can't - recognized, industry standard, global measurement that helps us understand projects like Wikipedia alongside other major web properties... This will help us support our mission to better understand our global audience of millions of dedicated users and hundreds of thousands of volunteer editors.'

The Wikimedia Foundation and comScore anticipate more collaboration through the coming year and beyond.

Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner says the initiative will share data with everyone on the planet who wants to know more about how the Internet is growing, how people are learning and what barriers are preventing the free flow of knowledge and information.

Web sites: www.comscore.com and www.wikimedia.org .

* Top 10 Web Properties Worldwide
September 2009
Source: comScore Media Metrix

PropertyTotal Unique Visitors (000)
Total Worldwide Internet Audience1,179,318
Google Sites879,176
Microsoft Sites717,910
Yahoo! Sites602,610
Wikimedia Foundation Sites325,998
AOL LLC255,088
Ask Network207,555
Amazon Sites201,904
CBS Interactive195,794

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