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comScore Launches AdEffx

December 11 2009

Online measurement firm comScore has launched AdEffx™, billed as 'a complete toolkit for measuring ad effectiveness for any campaign objective with unparalleled accuracy'.

The service claims to tackle the problem of accurately accounting for ad delivery against intended targets and measuring the resulting brand and sales lifts on audiences exposed to the campaign. comScore says the digital media industry 'has come to understand that the click is not a relevant metric of advertising performance' and that the new service reflects a growing preference for variables such as brand awareness, online site visitation, trademark search and lift in online and offline sales.

AdEffx boasts a 'unified person-centric audience measurement platform', contrasted with cookie-based measurements which the firm has denigrated in recent announcements, challenging their accuracy in white papers and press comments.

The suite currently includes five core services: Campaign Essentials, measuring the actual delivery of every campaign including reach, frequency, GRPs / TRPs and demographics; Action Lift, linking changes in behaviour to viewing of ads; Brand Survey Lift, tracking 'the lift in consumer attitudes and intentions' following ad exposure; Online Sales Lift; and Offline Sales Lift.

Anne Hunter, the company's VP of Ad Effectiveness, comments: 'Other digital ad effectiveness solutions tend to see each client's campaign as a nail because their only available tool is a hammer. We understand that clients want media accountability and optimized performance, and only comScore AdEffx provides the ability to measure what matters using an integrated measurement platform based on the high quality media planning methods clients have come to trust from comScore.'

Web site: www.comscore.com .

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