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Team of Stars Aims to Change Tech Research

November 11 2010

In the US, former Forrester analyst R 'Ray' Wang has launched a new firm, Constellation Research Group, which claims to introduces 'a new, simpler process' to replace the old model of technology research. The group launches with ten analysts and a board of five advisors.

Analysts maintain their own consultancies / other roles in addition to working on the Constellation team. According to Wang, 'The beauty of the Constellation model is that we can quickly assemble teams across multiple knowledge domains from multiple countries capable of delivering fast track results in ways that demonstrate a clear break from the past.' He expects the team to 'significantly deepen its bench strength and broaden its knowledge portfolio' over the coming months.

Wang had spells at PeopleSoft, Oracle and E&Y before co-founding the advisory firm Altimeter Group, which he has just left on friendly terms. He is also responsible for the widely cited blog 'A Software Insider's Point of View'.

Explaining his intention to break with established approaches, Wang comments: 'It is no longer enough to be a subject matter expert... Each member and adviser has been selected for their proven ability to cut through the marketing rhetoric and get to the points that matter to buyers.' Constellation aims to attract analysts that have established themselves in the market and built up successful practices, demonstrating multi-disciplinary capabilities and a strong desire to actively share and collaborate.

Web site: www.constellationrg.com .

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