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Ayuda Rolls Out 'Pay-per-Look' Digital Ad Tracker

February 25 2011

Out-of-home (OoH) software provider Ayuda Media Systems has integrated Intel's digital signage audience measurement technology into its 'Splash' digital ad platform, to enable advertisers to bill clients according to the number of people who have actually looked at their ads.

Andreas SoupliotisCurrently, digital OoH (DOOH) measurement is based on the number of impressions delivered, by simply counting the number of people who are exposed to an ad. However, Montreal-based Ayuda's new 'Pay-per-Look' system counts how many 'looks' each ad receives.

The firm achieves this by utilizing Intel's AIM (Anonymous Impressions Metrics) system - developed by Intel-owned CognoVision - which uses optical sensors to detect faces as they look at a Splash display, combined with anonymous audience measurement technology which counts how many people are exposed to digital ads.

Ayuda CEO, Andreas Soupliotis explains: 'Pay-per-Look is a revolutionary concept in ad-based advertising that will leverage audience tracking technology to track who has viewed the ad, and bill advertisers according to the number of 'looks'.'

Web site: www.ayudasystems.com .

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