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Adobe Adds Cross-Visit Analytics

March 19 2012

In the US, software giant Adobe has announced enhancements to its analytics and segmentation tool 'Adobe Discover', which is part of its Digital Marketing Suite. The new features include cross-visit analytics.

The new analytics allow the user to trace the customer journey over multiple visits on an individual brand's or product's sites, giving the marketer a more complete view of the overall visitor experience. The product also gives more insight into why visits are not converted to purchases, and includes enhancements to the data manipulation and reporting features.

Matt Langie, Adobe's Director of Product Marketing, Digital Marketing Business, said: 'Consumers don't interact with their favorite sites in discrete, unconnected visits. They do a search and hit your home page, read reviews, leave, get an email offer, price compare, come back and finally convert. The diversity and complexity of any one visitor's experience over time yields very different insights than looking at each visit as a distinct, separate experience. Adobe Discover provides analytics that mirror the actual visitor experience.'

The new features will be available next month.

Web site: www.adobe.com .

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