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Rentrak and Screen Engine Debut for PostTrak Movie Measure

September 12 2012

Multi-screen measurement specialist Rentrak has partnered with film industry MR consultancy Screen Engine, to launch a syndicated product called PostTrak which reports box office sales figures, audience demographics, and the aspects of each title that trigger audience interest.

Rentrak and Screen Engine Debut for PostTrak Movie MeasureScreen Engine offers a portfolio of custom and syndicated market research products and services to movie studios and filmmakers, while Rentrak provides intelligence into overnight theatre-level reporting.

The firms' new subscription-based PostTrak service measures all widely-released films during their opening and second weekends. It includes reporting on moviegoers' sources of awareness about the movie, the primary reason for attending, and the most likely means of communicating about the film - eg, in person, by social network etc. In addition, the service measures moviegoers' interest in renting or purchasing the movie on DVD, Blue-ray, or VOD.

PostTrak will include Rentrak's census-level metrics, along with Screen Engine's monitoring of actual audience composition and post-opening results, and it will also enable clients to make comparisons against competitor films.

Kevin Goetz, founder and CEO of Screen Engine, claims that the product will provide far more reliable feedback in 20 demographically representative markets nationwide, adding: 'This is in stark contrast to the traditional method of exit poll collection and reporting currently undertaken in only 3-4 markets.'

Web site: www.rentrak.com .

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