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Future Thinking Launches 'Skin Deep' Measure

May 31 2016

UK agency Future Thinking has launched a new approach called Skin Deep, using the technique of galvanic skin response to gauge consumer emotions.

Dan YoungSkin Deep is intended to bridge the gap between consumers' perceived and actual behaviour, tapping into their system 1 processes (a phrase used to describe the way consumers make most of their decisions: quickly, intuitively and emotionally), rather than relying on what they claim to think and do.

Galvanic skin response builds on the principle that emotional stimuli such as a stressful situation activate the eccrine sweat glands, concentrated in the hands, which as a result become better conductors of electricity. The new tool was created by the firm's Quantum Lab product development team.

Dan Young (pictured), Future Thinking's Head of Quantum Lab, comments: 'Skin Deep is used qualitatively to understand whether what people say is consistent with how they really feel, whether they know it or not, by evaluating their physiological responses when exposed to different stimuli eg advertising, new product/pack, different customer experiences. These prompts can be used to explain the drivers of their behaviour more accurately'.

Web site: www.futurethinking.com .

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