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Toluna 'Evolves' into Platform-Based Insights Firm

June 6 2018

Toluna has launched an end-to-end automated platform called TolunaInsights, and says the move marks its evolution from a sample and survey provider to a 'platform-based consumer insights company'.

Frederic Charles-PetitTolunaInsights integrates audiences, surveys, communities and analytics, powered by its 'on-demand insights' and behavioural data from the company's 21+ million-strong global community across 68 markets. Toluna says this platform-based approach provides 'significant time and cost savings', without sacrificing quality or confidence in decision-making. The solution was built to complement QuickSurveys, the company's real-time DIY survey platform, and offers an end-to-end automated solution for all aspects of consumer insights.

The platform can be used to access digital tracking for real-time behavioural insights; to recruit, build, and manage custom branded communities in real-time; and to view results in real-time via a web-based data visualization and analytics tool. Clients can choose from DIY options or managed services.

CEO Frederic Charles-Petit (pictured) comments: 'There is an increasingly urgent need across every business function for automated solutions powered by advanced technology that deliver reliable insights in real-time. TolunaInsights is our answer to that need in market research, and is the culmination of a journey we embarked on ten years ago as one of the very few technology-driven global market research companies. Our platform combines the power of millions of global influencers with world-class research expertise to ensure that companies of all sizes anywhere in the world stay at the forefront of consumer insight'.

Web site: www.toluna-group.com .

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