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Jivox Debuts Non-Cookie Personalization Tool

November 12 2019

US-based digital ad personalization specialist Jivox has launched a user identity solution called Jivox IQiD, through which brands can personalize dynamic creative at scale using their first-party data, as well as contextual triggers.

Diaz NesamoneyJivox provides advertisers with an online, self-service tool to create multi-screen ads using stock footage, images, music or their existing media assets; along with a real-time analytics platform for campaign performance tracking. Through its new IQiD first-party deterministic identity graph, brands can build 1:1 relationships with individual consumers without having to rely on third-party cookies, which are often used without consent to identify users and their preferences, with resulting data then sold for targeting. IQiD allows brands to use their own consented data in a privacy-compliant manner to deliver personalized experiences to those consumers who have chosen to engage with or purchase from them.

The solution is fully integrated with brands' data infrastructure and ensures that data collected for personalization uses their consent technology and privacy compliance framework to provide appropriate opt-outs. Jivox founder and CEO Diaz Nesamoney (pictured) comments: 'We wanted to continue leading on privacy by being the first to provide brands with a better way to continue personalizing experiences for consumers while being compliant with data privacy and consumers' demand for consent in the use of their data'.

Web site: www.jivox.com .

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