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ANA Forms Separate Business for its Cross-Media Measure

June 14 2024

America's ANA (Association of National Advertisers) has set up a new entity called Aquila, to build and manage its planned Cross-Media Measurement (CMM) solution. Aquila's initial leadership includes a coalition of ANA member advertiser companies, plus platforms including Google, Meta, Amazon and TikTok.

Bill TuckerAquila has contracted with Kantar Media to build a single source cross-media audience panel in the US, for use for calibration purposes and as a core component of the service. It is also working with Accenture on an upfront phase of planning for the rollout of the CMM solution and the definition of its technology requirements.

The association says the privacy-first solution will improve decision-making for its members by enabling unduplicated reach and frequency at the campaign level, helping them with planning, optimizing, post-campaign reporting and outcome measurement. Aquila, like the ISBA's Origin in the UK, is part of Halo, the global, advertiser-led initiative backed by the World Federation of Advertisers.

Standards body the MRC serves as an independent advisor to the US CMM initiative but was not part of the selection process of solution partners. The ANA says Aquila's panel and solution infrastructure will be designed to achieve MRC accreditation; and estimates that the solution 'will eliminate fifty billion dollars in waste due to excess frequency over a 3-year period'.

The ANA's Bill Tucker (pictured) will oversee the development of the CMM as President of Aquila, and comments: 'After sufficient testing and validation, Aquila is moving the CMM initiative to the next phase of bringing a scaled CMM solution to the US. This will unlock substantial value for all stakeholders and deliver an improved ad experience for all audiences and segments through transparent measurement.

The ANA's membership consists of US and international companies, including client-side marketers, nonprofits, fundraisers, and marketing solutions providers. Web site: www.ana.net.

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