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Scottish Agency Adds Eye-Tracking Capability

June 21 2006

Edinburgh-based user experience consultancy User Vision has introduced new 'eye tracking' technology to help with its evaluation of web site and product usability and accessibility.

The technology follows users' eye movements as they interact with a web site or product, and is fully portable, allowing the company to take eye-tracking out on the road to its clients. It will also allow User Vision to work more effectively with a wider variety of applications and platforms including PDAs, mobile phones, interactive TV and video games.

Director Chris Rourke says the technology adds 'an entirely new dimension which creates an even richer picture of the user's thought process', showing 'what they see, and more importantly what they don't see.'

The company also offers remote viewing of usability testing over the Internet, focus group studios and market research facilities. Established in 2000, it is online at www.uservision.co.uk .

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