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New Package Links Marketers to Mothers

July 2 2007

In the USA, MarketTools, Inc. has announced the availability of a research solution for marketers targeting mothers, the 'Moms Insight Network'. The system combines input from the online conversations of millions of 'moms', an online community and a quarterly survey of 500 respondents.

The service is aimed at those wishing to develop and test ideas, and to get a broad picture of how mothers view the world and the challenges they face.

Using the firm's integrated research service, MarketTools Insight Networks™, the service tracks and analyses content from more than 50 million blogs, message boards and media sites, distilling the key trends. Next, it gives access to an online community called ZoomPanel Moms where more than 10,000 mothers participate in discussions, offering subscribers the chance to run polls and conduct activities. Each subscribing client also has a quarterly survey with 500 mothers from a nationally representative sample to validate and quantify their learnings, and an over view of trends and issues provided by MarketTools.

Early examples of findings and trends range from mothers' 'resentment toward and distrust of rules and regulations - especially those made by public entities' – to a number of 'creative workarounds for getting children to eat vegetables' – to a common desire for smaller, more concentrated cleaning products. Early clients include Del Monte Foods, whose Senior MR Manager Gala Amoroso comments, 'We subscribed to Moms Insight Network to improve our understanding of why moms buy certain foods for their families, and the values they attribute to those foods'.

'Moms Insight Network is about helping marketers find innovation through collaboration directly with the end consumer' explains Emily Morris, MarketTools' Director of Product Marketing, Panels & Communities. 'Moms can be distrustful of marketers and often turn to one another for advice and product suggestions rather than blindly believing advertising and marketing messages. By providing a natural forum for moms' conversations, and letting marketers interact with them, we're helping companies get smarter about moms to provide more targeted products and services.'

The online specialist's home page is at www.markettools.com .

All articles 2006-21 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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