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YouGov Rolls Out Social Media Tracker

January 20 2009

In the UK, online market research agency YouGov has launched a quarterly report that tracks consumers' use of social networking sites and their levels of engagement and advocacy.

The new Social Media Tracking Study aims to help ad and media agencies understand user behaviour on sites such as Facebook. Based on interviews with 2,000 people each quarter from its nationwide panel, the tracker will provide information on which social networking sites people are members of, their objectives for being a member, how often they use it, and their reaction to different types of advertising.

'The challenge for these web sites is to find a way to take advantage of this audience and make money from their product,' said Head of Media Consulting, David Lucas. 'Appealing to advertisers is an obvious route, but finding the best way to engage with consumers using this channel needs further consideration.'

Web site: www.yougov.com .

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