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Women In Research (WIRe)

May 11 2018

Pratiti Raychoudhury, Joanna Derry and BV PradeepNon-profit organization Women In Research (WIRe) has added Facebook Director of Research Pratiti Raychoudhury; Nestle Oceania Head of Consumer Insights & Marketplace Intelligence Joanna Derry; and Unilever's BV Pradeep to its Advisory Board.

Founded in 2007 by Kristin Luck, WIRe exists to encourage the establishment of relationships among women in the market research sector through informal gatherings. Its goal is to develop more women as CEOs or in senior management positions, more women starting their own research firms, and more women choosing research as a career path.

Raychoudhury joined Facebook in 2010, having previously served as Director of Customer Insights at Yahoo! and been the first market researcher at PayPal, where she eventually led the Consumer Research team. At Nestle Oceania, Derry has a leadership role across the organization to drive consumer and shopper centricity for business growth. Before this, she held roles at Procter & Gamble. And Pradeep joined Unilever in 1993, leading market research and media at Brooke Bond Lipton India, before later serving as VP CMI for Global Markets, and more recently as VP CMI for Country & Customer Development for Americas & Europe in the new C4G organization at Unilever in London.

In a statement, WIRe said that all three will play a 'crucial role' helping guide the organization's increasingly global presence. After completing a two-year service term, Advisory Board members Anthony Michelini, Eric Salama, Jane Frost and ESOMAR's Marie-Agnes Mourot de Lathyle will become emeritus Board members.

Web site: www.womeninresearch.org .