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About MRT

Survey researchers have long been the core of the market research community. But if you’re someone who mines business databases, sets up online panels of customers or scans brainwaves to check on people’s reactions to advertising, do you call yourself a market researcher? We could debate this for hours, and people at conferences probably will, but we care more that you call yourself a MrWeb regular: this section is for you.

The T in MRT stands for three things – Trends, Techniques and Technologies – and the sections cover new business topics as well as new survey and analysis methods and devices. Thus there are new areas such as Neuromarketing and Eye-Tracking where we are seeing developments in the news every day and very familiar areas such as Presentation and Reporting software where some very original work is taking place.

We currently have ten areas online: each one features opinion pieces by leading lights, recent DRNO news, links, company profiles and a selection of relevant current job vacancies – with editorial comment beginning to appear too. Please browse, register, and take part in the discussions on the topics close to your heart, or that you just never thought about before, and remember we are contactable by phone or email any time.

Four new areas are ready for launch: Social Media monitoring; Behavioural ad targeting; Gaming; and DIY research. More are already in the pipeline, but it would be great to have your suggestions on what we should cover in future. Note that our pundits are not volunteer bloggers but are invited, the main factors being industry experience, reputation and regular appearances for the company and/or individual in DRNO. But if you disagree with what they've said - or indeed if you want to praise their efforts, expand on their arguments or just add points of your own - please use the comment sections below each article.

We hope you enjoy MRT and that it provides some food for thought.



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