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you'll find daily updates of DRNO news items relating to mobile survey technology and mobile usage data; relevant cuttings of other news from around the Web; selected feature articles from our sponsor, other contributors and from other sites that have impressed us; and MR jobs with a focus in this area. Feedback always gratefully received!.

Today's selection of cuttings and submissions (updated Weds May 16 2018)

5 Facts you should know about Mobile Representation and Consumer Insights Read more

20% of adult Americans rely solely on smartphones for their internet access. That's up from 13% who reported relying on mobile phones alone in a Pew study in 2015.... and other demographic snippets from the Pew Research Center, reported by MFour Read it

Mobile App Feedback - templates and advice on how to do it.. Read more

'There are three ways in which you can collect mobile app feedback' says Netherlands-based customer feedback analysis specialist Mopinion: 'Webviews, APIs and SDKs. Letís quickly take a look at each...' Read it

Do mobile phones actually make their owners happier? Input from the Gallup World Poll. Read more

A new study of global data from the Gallup World Poll with the mobile industry trade network GSMA, looks at the relationships between people's use of mobile phones and the internet on one hand, and their self-reported measures of happiness - which researchers refer to as subjective well-being (SWB) - on the other. Read it

RECENT FEATURES from around the industry...

Exploring the Use of Emojis in Qualitative Research - GreenBook blog, posted by Over the Shoulder

In Demand at IIeX 2017 EU - which technologies and techniques dominated the client meetings?

In the News...

Former MB and VC Leaders Launch Insight Holding Group
Former Millward Brown Global CEO Eileen Campbell has teamed up with Vision Critical founder Andrew Reid and his sister Jennifer, to launch a holding company called Reid Campbell Group, serving as a 'launch pad' for innovation in consumer insights. More.
SurveyMonkey Makes Confidential IPO Filing
SVMK, the parent company of DIY survey software firm SurveyMonkey, has confidentially submitted a draft registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), concerning a proposed initial public offering (IPO) of its common stock. More.
Confirmit and Imperium Partner to Fight Fraud
Research software firm Confirmit has partnered with MR data quality and anti-fraud solutions specialist Imperium, to block duplicate entries and fraudulent survey participants. More.

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