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Data Mining, Text Mining and Business Intelligence Tools

Data and Text Mining
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Data and Text Mining

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Data Mining, Text Mining and Business Intelligence Tools

Dods Buys Stake in Social Media Analyst Social360
UK political information provider Dods Group has acquired a 30% stake in social media monitoring and analysis services provider Social360, for £1.65m in cash. More.
Velocity Brings Motion-Based Analytics to Ad Platform
In the US, motion-based analytics specialist Velocity has partnered with programmatic platform provider Beeswax, to help advertisers gauge receptivity to an ad based on how an actual person physically holds and moves their mobile device. More.
Ruiz to Lead New Univision Research and Analytics Arm
In the US, Hispanic media giant Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) has promoted Roberto Ruiz to the role of Executive Vice President, leading its newly-formed Research Insights & Analytics group from its offices in New York. More.

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Data Mining, Text Mining and Business Intelligence Tools - Relevant Associations

ASC (The Association for Survey Computing)

ASC (The Association for Survey Computing)

The ASC is closely linked with the Market Research Society and the Royal Statistical Society. It is the world’s leading society for the advancement of knowledge in software and technology for research surveys and statistics.

Web site: www.asc.org.uk

Data Mining Benchmarking Association

The DMBA Data Mining Benchmarking Association (DMBA™) is currently a free association of companies and organizations with data mining organizations. DMBA conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the overall operations of the members.


The Data Mining Group The Data Mining Group

The Data Mining Group is a consortium of companies and organizations developing standards for statistical and data mining models, has rolled out Version 4.0 of its Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML).


Royal Statistical Society Royal Statistical Society

The Royal Statistical Society is an international membership organisation with members in over 50 countries worldwide, promoting public understanding of statistics and providing professional support to users of statistics and statisticians.


American Statistical Association

American Statistical Association

The American Statistical Association, a scientific and educational society providing members and the public with information about statistics, and serving statisticians, quantitative scientists, and users of statistics across a wealth of academic areas and applications.

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