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Today's selection of cuttings and submissions (updated Thurs Nov 23 2017)

25 Data & Analytics Vendors at the Forefront in 2018 Read more

'Data analytics is slowly becoming entrenched in the enterprise. Most organizations are still doing descriptive analytics (historical reporting) and their use of analytics is function-specific. In 2018, more organizations will follow the leaders and increase their levels of sophistication, using predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimize their operations. In addition, more businesses will start interconnecting function-specific analytics to get new insights into customer journeys, risk profiles, and market opportunities'. Read it

Forrester's '10 Predictions For AI, Big Data, And Analytics in 2018' Read more

A report, Predictions 2018: The Honeymoon For AI Is Over, says enterprises in 2018 will finally move beyond the hype to recognize that AI requires hard work - planning, deploying, and governing it correctly. On the positive side, it sees 'better human and machine collaboration due to improved interfaces; enhancing business intelligence and analytics solutions by moving resources to the cloud; new AI capabilities facilitating the redesign of analytics and data management roles and activities and driving the emergence of the insights-as-a-service market'. Read it

The UKs competition watchdog wants to keep up with AI and big data Read more

The Competition and Markets Authority is building a new technology team in a bid to keep up with the use of AI, big data and algorithms. The CMAs new chief executive Andrea Coscelli, said the team would consist of data scientists, computer experts and economists. 'Some companies have a lot of internal knowledge that we dont necessarily have and a lot of [technological changes] are happening very fast', added Coscelli. Read it

RECENT FEATURES from around the industry...

'How brands can use big data without creeping people out' - a cautionary note from Frances Katz at news publication The Week. 'Having so much information about potential customers at their fingertips may actually be making advertisers lazy... Instead of over-relying on big data, brands should allow it to enhance their advertising, not drive it entirely' (published 13th Nov 2017)

Beyond the Black Box in Analytics and Cognitive - Author and Professor Thomas H Davenport on the need to interpret how *some* AI / machine learning tools arrive at their decisions

Understand the anomalies too - Avi Avital, VP Customer Success at Anodot on 'Business Intelligence 2.0'

ESOMAR Big Data 2016 - a review of the Berlin conference (published Nov 30th 2016)

In the News...

Former MB and VC Leaders Launch Insight Holding Group
Former Millward Brown Global CEO Eileen Campbell has teamed up with Vision Critical founder Andrew Reid and his sister Jennifer, to launch a holding company called Reid Campbell Group, serving as a 'launch pad' for innovation in consumer insights. More.
Kantar Launches First 'Brand Growth Lab' in Asia
Kantar has launched its first research and development hub in Asia, as part of a three-year collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). Similar analytics labs have already been established in London and Frankfurt. More.
Nielsen Buys Australian Software Firm L&J
Nielsen has acquired Landsberry & James (L&J), a media analysis and software company based in North Sydney, Australia. More.

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Harnessing Hindsight - by Bryan Urbick of the Consumer Knowledge Centre.

Drowning in Data - by John Owen of QSR International.

Current Jobs in this Sector

Senior Data Scientist, Westlake Village, CA, USA (posted Apr 10th 2018)

Senior Data Scientist - Data Engineer, Chicago, IL, USA (posted Apr 9th 2018)

Senior Data Scientist, London (posted Apr 4th 2018)

Big Data Principal Architect, Oldsmar, FL, USA (posted Mar 28th 2018)

Senior Research Exec / Research Manager, Quant - Next Generation Digital Agency, Central London (posted Mar 27th 2018)

Lead Data Scientist, New York (posted Mar 16th 2018)

Director of Analytics - Develop and Drive a Standalone Analytics Offer / Team, Central London (posted Mar 12th 2018)

Director of Analytics - Develop and Drive a Standalone Analytics Offer / Team, Central London (posted Mar 12th 2018)

Senior Data Scientist - Data Engineer, Oldsmar, FL, USA (posted Mar 12th 2018)

Marketing and Data Scientist, Canary Wharf, London (posted Mar 9th 2018)