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Research+Results, Munich, October 23rd - 24th 2019

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  1.   Obituary: Panelbase Founder Angus Webb *****  
  2.   MRS 'Disappointed' with Government's Covid-19 Response  
  3.   Schlesinger Group Buys Qual Specialist 20|20 Research  
  4.   Women In Research Adds Three to Advisory Board  
  5.   Maru/Matchbox Launches 'Pop-up Communities' Tool  
  6.   PureSpectrum Launches 'Quota Based Pricing' Feature  
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MRMW Europe 2020

1/12/20 - 2/12/20

Powering The Future Of Insight Automation

MRMW is designed and crafted for consumer insight, analytics and market research professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations. The theme for MRMW 2020 is 'Powering The Future of Insight Automation'.

With its highly focused, single stream agenda MRMW stands out from the crowd by providing a uniquely open and intimate atmosphere for industry experts to
network, learn and discuss. A curated mix of clients, agencies and technology experts ensures you get direct access to the latest trends, innovations and solutions
- without the usual spin!

For more information and to register, please visit eu.mrmw.net.

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2 Day Conference Pass, EUR 1,095