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EmSense Claims Neuromarketing First

March 22 2010

Brainwave measurement specialist EmSense Corporation has launched a new neuromarketing measurement device, the EmBand 24™, which it claims 'overcomes many limitations of using medical EEG for market research'.

'no need for messy gels' with the new EmBand 24The device employs several new proprietary technologies, branded as Sensor Fusion Processors™, Contact Clusters™ and Through the Hair EEG™. Contact Cluster technology allows researchers to take respondents' individual anatomical differences into account, while new Through the Hair EEG sensors do away with the need for 'unpleasant, messy gels that require respondent clean-up'.

EmSense says its own sensors measure more precisely than medical sensors. On the new device, 24 of them each make 20,000 measurements per second, giving 'an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio in real-world, in-context conditions'. The device calibrates in only one minute, and gives better measurement of what the firm says is the key decision center area of the frontal lobes, 'as well as added measurements such as visual attention from sensing additional areas of the brain.' Suggested uses for the newer device are in-store shopper research and product innovation, while the original EmBand is used for advertising, concepts, media content, package testing, online marketing and web-site usability.

EmSense CEO Keith Winter says the new device gives marketers 'more extensive, robust measurements without trading off consumer comfort, quantitative samples or ease of use'.

EmSense Corporation is headquartered in San Francisco and is online at www.emsense.com .

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