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EmSense Launches 'In-Home' Neuroscience Panel

April 15 2011

US neuromarketing firm EmSense has launched what it describes as the world's first 'in-home' research panel employing neuroscience technology, using its EmBand headset device to measure positive/negative emotional response and cognitive engagement.

The EmBandSan Francisco-based EmSense, which also has offices in central London, uses the headset for research including emotion tracking, cognitive neuroscience and analytics. The set uses EEG sensors to measure the electrical activity of the brain, an accelerometer to detect motions and facial twitches, and a heart-rate monitor that can gauge stress rates.

EmSense has already recruited 2,000 households for the new service, entitled the 'In-Home Neuroscience Panel', and plans to have 25,000+ on board by year-end.

After a double opt-in to the panel, respondents receive a kit containing the EmBand wireless headset and wireless receiver for use with their PC, and are then invited to participate in tailored market research studies.

The device can measure head movement, and detect if a respondent has been distracted during testing. It also uses biometrics to identify respondents, thus eliminating the possibility of duplicate testers.

President and CEO Keith Winter says that all forms of research conducted online are now being applied to the panel, including TV ads, virtual shopping, creative concepts, movie trailers and more.

'The market research industry has long sought a solution to measure +/- emotion and consumer engagement in all forms of marketing stimuli, spanning advertising, packaging, creative concepts and the shopper experience,' Winter states.' Advances in neuroscience and electronics technology have opened the door to reliable measurement using EEG and other bio-sensory metrics.'

Web site: www.emsense.com .

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