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Academics Launch New DIY Platform iziSurvey

January 6 2014

University academics Ridvan Peshkopia, Mergim Cahani and Alejtin Berisha have teamed up with entrepreneur Edi Demaj to launch a new DIY research firm called iziSurvey.

Mergim CahaniWith bases in Detroit and Kosovo, the four initially launched iziSurvey as an internal tool for university professors, but have now rolled out the platform for both academic researchers and companies involved in data collection and research. Developed using software from Phronesis Technologies, the tool currently supports all Android devices, but is expected to have iPhone, iPad, Windows, and web support capabilities in the next couple of months.

iziSurvey can be used for gathering data through mobile devices, and offers an online portal for survey management, reporting and exporting. Users can use the platform to design their own surveys and then download them to their preferred device, and data can be uploaded from the device to the web site, where it can be exported to Microsoft Excel, or viewed through visual analytics and charts. iziSurvey also offers random digit dialing (RRD) technology for cellphone surveying, and provides randomly reshuffled response options for each question in a study.

Cahani (pictured), CEO of the new company, comments: 'We wanted to develop a problem solving and a user friendly survey platform for our internal use, which incorporated features not found elsewhere. The feedback from several major companies and universities which tried the initial version of iziSurvey was incredible, which is why we committed our energies and built the very competitive iziSurvey platform.'

Web site: www.izisurvey.com .

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