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Lexalytics Debuts 'Intent Analysis' Feature

December 9 2014

US-based software firm Lexalytics has launched a new version of its Salience multi-lingual text analysis engine, which includes an assessment of a customer's intent to buy, sell, recommend or quit.

Seth RedmoreLexalytics was founded in 2003 and helps businesses analyse internal and external information, including social media monitoring solutions. In the summer, the company bought cloud text mining service Semantria.

The Salience tool gauges the 'sentiment and tone' of blogs to help customers understand and act on what's being said about them and their competitors. The latest version allows users to extract the 'intent', the 'intendee', and the 'intended object' from text: for example, if a tweet reads: 'Huge sale at the computer store. I'm getting a new phone', the 'intent' would be 'buy', the 'intendee' would be 'I', and the 'intended object' would be the 'new phone'.

This feature is driven by Lexalytics' new Syntax Matrix solution, which offers a method for understanding the structure of language, based on training across billions of words. Seth Redmore (pictured), VP Marketing, comments: 'As shown by what we can do with the Syntax Matrix and intention analysis, we can extract rich, actionable features from text and do so quickly and efficiently. This allows our customers to scale their on-premise systems and lets us provide meaningful, cost-effective results through our Semantria SaaS service.'

Web site: www.lexalytics.com .

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