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Verto Analytics Launches Cross-Media Watch

November 5 2015

Digital media measurement firm Verto Analytics is piloting a new syndicated service called Cross-Media Watch, measuring consumers' second-by-second media behaviour and use of mobile, online TV, radio, and print via a single solution.

Hannu VerkasaloVerto offers a portfolio of measurement services with a focus on syndicated research and analytics, and accessed through a single source. Earlier this year, the firm rolled out Verto Content Watch to provide a holistic look across the digital ecosystem, and Verto Device Watch to track ownership and usage of digital devices.

The new Cross-Media Watch service, which is currently being piloted by a number of clients, collects information about all the media content consumers access and use, and combines it with census-level market data. This allows Verto to size audiences, track the simultaneous usage of multiple media platforms, estimate the net reach of content providers, and measure the impact of cross-platform ad campaigns.

CEO Hannu Verkasalo (pictured) explains: 'The discussion surrounding traditional versus digital channels needs to cease. Why should we separate the measurement of these different domains with different approaches when publishers and advertisers want to know their unduplicated net reach and gain access to non-modelled estimations of consumer media exposure? We've created Cross-Media Watch to meet this need'.

Web site: www.vertoanalytics.com .

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