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Lucid Launches Ad Reach and Impact Tools

November 18 2015

US-based sampling automation provider Lucid has launched a digital marketing tool called Proof, which promises to combine measurement of audience exposure with reaction across mobile and non-mobile platforms.

Patrick ComerFormerly known as Federated Sample, the company rebranded in August to reflect 'explosive growth' in its two primary business units - revenues had doubled over the previous twelve months. The existing businesses under this new umbrella are global programmatic sample exchange Fulcrum and full-service sample provider Federated Sample - they will now be joined by Proof, offering a suite of technology products for campaign and audience measurement.

Proof makes use of Lucid's pool of 'over 50 million respondents' and comprises three distinct products:

  • Proof Audience - giving a real-time picture of the actual people viewing a campaign, allowing for ongoing optimisation across multiple demographics;
  • Proof Effectiveness - allowing users to survey directly consumers who have viewed a particular campaign and measure against a control set of those who have not; and
  • Proof Sample - allowing MR firms to see who in a sample base has been exposed to a specific campaign and who has not. Clients can either add exposure data to existing trackers or expand their pool of potential respondents.

Lucid says its consumer data platform is entirely anonymous aggregated information fueled exclusively from participating members of its Fulcrum Exchange, allowing consumer profiling across multiple data points without recognising or storing any personally identifiable information.

Ad agency Razorfish has piloted Proof on over twenty brand campaigns, and Lucid has agreed a long-term partnership with GfK to enhance the latter's ad effectiveness capabilities and in-app mobile measurement.

Lucid CEO Patrick B. Comer (pictured) comments: 'Not only does Proof dramatically expand the opportunities of audience visibility, it maintains the data integrity of the audience itself: a triple win for the respondents, panels, and agencies that rely on our technology platforms for delivery and security'.

The company is online at www.luc.id .

All articles 2006-21 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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