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Prism Launches In-Store Data App

January 22 2016

San Francisco-based retail analytics specialist Prism has launched a mobile app called simply Insights, providing retailers with real-time data about store performance, as well as low bandwidth imagery from store cameras, on their iOS and Android devices.

Prism can offer heatmaps and pathmap visualizationsPrism converts video camera data into IoT tools to understand movement, interaction and activity in bricks-and-mortar spaces. Using analytics tools such as heatmaps and pathmap visualizations, retailers can dissect customer engagement and the efficacy of retail operations, as well as metrics like dwell and occupancy.

In addition to the new app, the firm has also introduced a service called Custom Reports, with which users can merge visual insights with auxiliary data such as point-of-sale, staffing and inventory databases, to create analyses of customer engagement and store performance. Co-founder Bob Cutting says that by combining external data with Prism's video intelligence, retailers can gain individual store insights and aggregate trends on key performance indicators.

CEO and co-founder Steve Russell adds: 'The Insights app creates value from video that can be applied across the entire retail organization. Whether you work in merchandising and need to evaluate a new product launch, or are on the loss prevention team and need a lens into the store - all of this information is immediately accessible'.

Web site: www.prism.com .

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