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Verto Analytics Launches Mobile App Audience Measure

February 24 2016

Digital media measurement firm Verto Analytics has launched a mobile app audience measurement solution, to help understand consumer behaviour across every device, app, screen, and platform they use.

Hannu VerkasaloVerto offers a portfolio of measurement services with a focus on syndicated research and analytics, accessed through a single-source. Earlier this month, the firm announced the pilot of a new syndicated service called Cross-Media Watch, measuring consumers' second-by-second media behaviour and use of mobile, online TV, radio, and print via a single solution.

Its new 'Verto App Watch' tool has been developed to provide app and game developers with measurement data for all mobile apps, whether from Google or small game publishers, across all operating systems and devices. In addition, the tool includes metrics such as time spent, session lengths, in-app monetization, demographics, retention, churn, in-app actions and funnel analyses. Clients can also use the tool to generate numerous reports on subjects which include retention, churn analysis, stickiness, funnel and clickstream analyses, along with audience acquisition.

CEO Hannu Verkasalo (pictured) comments: 'Download figures have been the primary means of measuring an app's success to date, but they merely tell one small part of the story. We created Verto App Watch to address this unmet market need and provide the most accurate dataset on the market today.'

Web site: www.vertoanalytics.com .

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