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Telmar Includes USA TouchPoints Data in RFT Roll Out

September 7 2016

Targeting and media planning specialist Telmar says marketers will now be able to estimate reach and frequency on its USA TouchPoints database, as it integrates the data with the roll-out of its 'RFT' time-spent-reach and frequency tool.

Corey PannoUSA TouchPoints combines MRI and RealityMine data to provide contextual and behavioral analytics on the changing patterns of media use. The service integrates data on where people are, what they are doing, who they are with, which media they are using or are being exposed to, how they are feeling, and which product categories and brands they consume; while passively capturing their digital and other real life behavior every 30 minutes throughout the day.

Telmar is now making the RFT capability a core component of its cross-platform planning systems, so reach and frequency can be calculated from proprietary and syndicated databases containing information on the time people spend on activities and media. The service enables marketers to use USA TouchPoints data sets to estimate delivery against micro audiences, then compares how many people can be reached and how often by the same advertising budget across different media, including digital, TV and radio, print and outdoor. RealityMine co-founder Rolfe Swinton says the move brings a planning dimension to the USA TouchPoints database.

Telmar's Global President Corey Panno (pictured) adds: 'Because we can estimate reach and frequency based on time spent with media, this is a significant step forward in achieving cross platform audience planning with rich single-source data. We are able to define which media reaches precise audiences most successfully at greater scale. We will apply this capability to any database with rich data on how people spend their time'.

Web site: www.telmar.com .

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