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Kantar Millward Brown's Link Completes MASB Audit

February 28 2017

Link, the long-established ad copy testing solution developed by Kantar Millward Brown, has completed an audit by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), recognised in the industry for assessing connections between marketing activities, metrics and financial performance.

Link provides a set of tools to assess, predict and optimize advertising performance, including benchmarks, SWOT-type analyses and impact assessments for individual ads and multi-media campaigns. Having tested more than 110,000 ads globally, the tool is now powered by a huge database for category and country comparisons. Over recent years the agency has integrated facial coding; launched a TV version, LinkNow; and a B2B version of Link, among other enhancements and roll-outs.

MASB is an independent, cross-industry forum setting measurement and accountability standards used to guide investment decisions for enterprise value - members include leading academics, and senior marketing, insights and finance professionals worldwide. In going through its audit process, known as the Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP), Link has been rigorously evaluated against ten criteria for ideal metrics, including relevance, predictive validity, sensitivity, simplicity, and transparency.

Allan Kuse, MASB Executive Director and Chief Advisor of the MMAP Center, says the achievement demonstrates Kantar Millward Brown's 'commitment to helping marketing and insights leaders work with their financial counterparts to make confident investment decisions for their businesses'.

Kantar MB's Chief Client Officer, North America Christopher Murphy comments: 'Marketing and Insights leaders are continuously challenged to do more with less, while proving ROI with each marketing dollar. Link provides the most comprehensive tool to assess, predict and optimize advertising performance so that marketers can invest with confidence. We were delighted to work with MASB through this audit process and are proud to have completed the review'.

The agency, which operates in more than 55 countries, is part of WPP and is online at www.millwardbrown.com . The MASB's home page is at www.themasb.org .

All articles 2006-23 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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