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Velocity Brings Motion-Based Analytics to Ad Platform

November 17 2017

In the US, motion-based analytics specialist Velocity has partnered with programmatic platform provider Beeswax, to help advertisers gauge receptivity to an ad based on how an actual person physically holds and moves their mobile device.

Ishan Bhaumik and Ari PaparoVelocity uses motion sensors in smartphones to identify a user's movement and gauge the type of activity they might be engaged in. Using this real-time data, the firm can determine if a user is standing in a line, lying on a couch, a passenger in a car or train, or any number of other activities, enabling advertisers to reach their targets at precisely the right moment of receptivity.

Velocity's Active Impression tool uses machine learning to study a viewer's unique physical, human motion signature, not only assessing ad preference but also using an individual real-time motion 'signature' to ensure that the viewer is not a bot. The partnership with Beeswax, which provides companies with technologies to support their programmatic ad campaigns, will allow users to target receptive devices under all available Active Impression segments, as well as by traditional demographic segments to further refine the targeting of ads.

Ishan Bhaumik, founder and Head of Business Development at Velocity, says dozens of national advertisers have used this level of contextual targeting to automatically find the right moment to target, reaching consumers at their highest levels of receptivity. Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo, adds: 'Using our 'Data Augmentation' APIs, Velocity delivers unique motion-based bid decisioning in real-time, which has the potential to be a game changing approach to programmatic advertising'.

Web sites: www.vlcty.net and www.beeswax.com .

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