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ESOMAR Warns Members about FieldGlobal

December 4 2017

ESOMAR has taken the relatively rare step of warning its members about the activities of a company, following multiple complaints about the late payment practices of Mumbai-based FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd.

ESOMAR Warns Members About FieldGlobalFieldGlobal's membership of ESOMAR was not renewed in January 2015, after several other members complained of its failure to 'fulfill its payment obligations on a timely basis' - and complaints about the company have been filed 'continuously' since then, the association says. ESOMAR has contacted FieldGlobal a number of times to discuss the matter, and after a warning in August did see it paying a number of outstanding creditors - however, complaints have resumed since.

ESOMAR states: 'As an association responsible for the defense of the interests of its members, in partnership with national associations around the world who have adopted or endorsed the ICC/ESOMAR International Code, ESOMAR now feels that there is sufficient reason to notify its members of FieldGlobal's repeated failures to comply with its payment obligations on a timely basis'.

Previous alerts to members concerned the practices of India-based Speak Asia, four years ago - two of its three founders were arrested on charges of defrauding participants out of an estimated Rs 2,200 crores (approximately EUR 260m); and in June 2011 an online research firm called The Research Express, following complaints about the firm's sub-standard levels of service and its refusal to return deposits.

The association points those looking for partner companies to its free-to-use member search at www.esomar.org/community/our-people , and its International Code at www.esomar.org/uploads/public/knowledge-and-standards/codes-and-guidelines/ICCESOMAR-International-Code_English.pdf .

All articles 2006-22 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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