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Dstillery Launches 'DMaps' Geospatial Insights Tool

August 21 2018

Cross-device audience targeting specialist Dstillery has launched Dscover Maps (DMaps), a geospatial insights tool that provides a detailed view into market composition by geography / location.

Michael GuzewiczDstillery applies proprietary software including the flagship CrossWalk solution, to build targeted audiences based on multi-platform analysis of a brand's existing customers. The new DMaps solution uses consumer behavioral data from web, brand, location, mobile and contextual activities, to help with activities such as planning ad campaigns, conducting competitor analysis, engaging audiences for local political campaigns, and performing geographic market segmentation.

Michael Guzewicz (pictured), Business Development Manager, comments: 'For years, offline data has been informing both online and traditional media campaigns. Now, DMaps allows marketers to visualize their target audiences across geographies and physical locations nationwide like never before. This opens the door for digital insights to inform campaigns of any medium'.

Web site: www.dstillery.com .

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