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Digimind Launches AI Sense Features

November 2 2018

Social media listening software provider Digimind has added a number of artificial intelligence-powered features to its Social platform, with the launch of AI Sense.

Paul VivantFrom offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, Grenoble and Rabat, Digimind provides a platform through which to automate repetitive intelligence activities - from data collection to information management, analysis and sharing - as well as a measurement tool which analyzes numerous social media accounts in a single interface. Last year, the firm launched a service called Social Wall, to help track campaign performance, product feedback, industry trends and competitor performance in real time.

The new AI Sense features offer clients the ability to analyze vast amounts of social media and web data for more accurate consumer insights. The solutions combine machine learning combined with natural language processing for sentiment analysis, and use image recognition capabilities based on deep learning techniques from thousands of qualified pictures.

In-house data scientists from Digimind Labs worked together with IBM Research teams over the past two years to develop the new features. CEO Paul Vivant (pictured) comments: 'We're excited to introduce our users to Digimind AI Sense, our new suite of AI-powered features. Not only will it provide more relevant and accurate results, but it will also make the Digimind Social user experience simpler and more powerful than ever before'.

Web site: www.digimind.com .

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