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Join the Dots Launches 'Insight Ecosystem'

January 7 2019

UK-based consumer insight agency Join the Dots has launched the 'Insight Ecosystem', designed as a more flexible and future-proof online community, incorporating sophisticated question tools, social intelligence capabilities and powerful ethnography apps.

Graeme LawrenceThe agency, which was bought out by its management in 2017 and has offices in Manchester, New York and Singapore, recently announced its fifth consecutive year of more than twenty per cent annual growth.

The firm says the new approach is designed 'to pre-empt the transformation of online communities as we know them' and should enable clients to 'identify the differences between what people think and say they do, and what they actually do'.

The company's innovation team designed the Ecosystem as an extension of a brand and a tool for internal and external marketing - the former as an always-on source of insight, and the latter by providing 'a sense of belonging and connection for consumers interacting with a company's products and services'.

Chief Client Officer Graeme Lawrence (pictured) says the tool uses 'a flexible combination of asking, listening and observing behaviour', and has a more sophisticated 'back end' than a traditional online community, to help clients analyse, filter and socialise insights across their organisation.

Web site: www.jointhedotsmr.com .

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