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LivingLens Adds Facial / Image Blurring Capability

April 4 2019

UK-based video intelligence platform LivingLens has released a 'blurring' option, developed to overcome a number of privacy and permission issues, such as when an end brand can't be revealed during the fieldwork phase of a project.

Carl WongLivingLens, which has offices in London, Liverpool, Toronto and New York, offers a platform through which to capture, edit and share videos, with content analysed using software that intelligently searches every spoken word captured 'in any video, in any language'. Its new feature includes an option for facial blurring within a video or image, or the complete blurring of individual media within the firm's platform. Users can also selectively blur captured content.

The firm says that by blurring the faces of individuals, media can still be used for storytelling purposes, and that any individual piece of content selected for blurring will also be blurred in the subsequent show reels created in the platform. The process uses facial recognition software to detect and follow faces throughout the content, enabling the blurring of just faces, allowing the end viewer to gain additional context from the video or image such as the surrounding environment and body language.

CEO Carl Wong (pictured) comments: 'Brands and Market Research agencies are embracing video as a way to gain richer insight and to deliver great business impact through powerful storytelling. Healthcare is a particular area of growth; however, it comes with its own unique challenges. We're delighted that the introduction of facial blurring will enable those in pharma and healthcare research to benefit as much as possible from video storytelling'.

Web site: www.livinglens.tv .

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