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Researchscape Launches Automated Reporting Tool

July 16 2019

In the US, Jeffrey Henning's Researchscape International has launched ResearchStory, a new AI-powered tool to help MR execs generate quick, accurate and detailed reports based on their findings.

Jeffrey HenningDeveloped with feedback from hundreds of research end-users, ResearchStory will initially be offered to customers of DIY enterprise tool SurveyGizmo, whose Professional level users will get free access to the tool for the remainder of the year.

ResearchStory uses an expert system to choose 'the most compelling analysis' approach and automatically provides executive summaries, crosstab data mining, text analysis, question pattern matching and demographic weighting. The tool looks for patterns in questions asked within surveys: for example, an overall satisfaction question followed by a satisfaction battery, produces a key driver analysis; A closed-ended question, followed by an open-ended question asking 'Why...?' or 'How...' lists verbatims by selected choice; and a group of questions scattered throughout a questionnaire but using the same scale are analyzed together.

Toni Piwonka-Corle, Head of Strategic Partnerships at SurveyGizmo, says the new product's automated reports will provide SurveyGizmo users with 'a faster way to transform their surveys into insights'. He adds: 'As one of our long-term customers and partners, Researchscape has grown with our platform and has built a compelling solution'.

Researchscape CRO Henning (pictured) co-founded web survey software firm Perseus Development Corporation in 1993 and founded EFM pioneer Vovici in 2006. He says of the latest launch: 'Analyzing verbatim responses to surveys is a very time-consuming task, and most text-analysis tools are geared towards social media data or call logs. Designed specifically for open-ended questions, ResearchStory translates responses into English, uses stemming and organic phrase identification to pull out key words and phrases, curates top quotes, develops lexical examples and generates word clouds'.

Web site: www.researchscape.com .

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