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TVSquared and Sky Media Launch Web Attribution Tool

July 27 2020

Edinburgh, Scotland-based ad measurement and optimization firm TVSquared has partnered with Sky's ad sales arm Sky Media, to launch a web attribution tool across linear, on-demand, and addressable TV ad campaigns.

Calum SmeatonBringing together TV viewing and web tracking data, Sky Media provides its advertisers and brands with a picture of how TV drives interest, consideration and sales performance. Advertisers and brands can measure the impact a TV campaign has in generating interest and subsequent traffic to a brand's web site and apps. With the new partnership, Sky Media's viewing panel will link to an advertiser's online analytics to track where audiences have come from, and see who has visited an app or web site after watching a TV advert.

Powered by TVSquared, this new capability enables advertisers to quantify TV's impact on the full-funnel outcomes that matter most to them - from web site traffic, to intent, consideration and actual sales. They can also use the tool to see performance and cost-effectiveness for addressable and linear TV, including media dimensions such as audience and creative, days, dayparts, networks, programmes and genres.

TVSquared CEO and founder Calum Smeaton (pictured) comments: 'TV can be measured and optimised with a focus on business outcomes, and Sky Media and TVSquared are enabling that for thousands of advertisers at scale today. This is an impactful and transformative change that is moving the TV ad market forward, not only in the UK, but worldwide'.

Web sites: www.tvsquared.com and www.skymedia.co.uk .

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