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ISG Partners to Offer Automated Decision-Making

September 22 2020

Technology research and advisory firm Information Services Group (ISG) has partnered with UK-based intelligent automation company Rainbird, to help enterprises automate complex decision-making by modeling human thought processes.

Wayne ButterfieldRainbird's software allows enterprises to codify their decision-making by replicating the process used by humans. The firm says this means that 'automated decisions, based on real human experience and skill, can be scaled quickly and made at speed'.

The ISG Automation division, whose services include automation assessments, strategy and training, will offer its clients Rainbird's software-as-a-service and on-premises capabilities, and can offer its own full range of services to Rainbird's clients.

Wayne Butterfield (pictured), Global Head of Intelligent Automation Solutions at ISG, comments: 'Complex decision-making has traditionally been very hard to automate. Simple logic is easy to automate using robotic process automation alone, but it just doesn't cut it when you need to look at potentially hundreds of different data points to make a decision, which is where Rainbird comes into the mix. Rainbird allows enterprises to automate the human part of the decision. This means they can scale decision-making and respond far quicker to customers in a wide range of areas, from approving a loan application or paying out an insurance claim, to advising a patient with COVID-19 symptoms to self-isolate based on current health guidance'.

Examples of use include a healthcare provider automating the decision-making process to advise a patient on the right procedure to follow based on their individual set of circumstances; or a financial services provider using human expertise to codify a decision on whether a transaction is likely to be fraudulent.

According to Rainbird COO James Loft, 'Poor decisions are expensive for enterprises. We build visual models of human thought processes and use those models to automate decision-making. That means clients can make better decisions around 100 times faster than a person could do alone, and with 25 percent greater accuracy, enabling them to scale intelligent decision-making'.

Web sites: www.isg-one.com and www.rainbird.ai .

All articles 2006-20 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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