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Suzy Launches One-on-One Video Interview Platform

October 27 2020

In New York, consumer insights platform Suzy has launched a qualitative research platform called 'Suzy Live' for video-based consumer interviews.

Avi SavarFounded in 2018 by former Crowdtap CEO Matt Britton, Suzy combines research tools with its own consumer network to connect brands directly with their target audiences. Users can find answers to questions on what people are curious about, what motivates them, and what they are seeking to learn, in order to create new products and marketing strategies.

Using the company's panel of US consumers, the new Suzy Live platform brings together qual and quant research, allowing brands to conduct one-on-one video interviews, capture consumer sentiment and understand specific behavior. Company President Avi Savar (pictured) explains: 'The current virtual in-depth interview process is arduous and inefficient. There is a lot of fragmentation when it comes to recruitment, scheduling, and the actual platforms that the interviews take place on. With Suzy Live, we've simplified everything, allowing the entire process to happen directly in one platform'.

The company, which in February raised $12m in a Series C round of funding to drive growth and expand its product, is online at www.suzy.com .

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