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WoodMac Launches M&A Impact Modeller

November 26 2020

Edinburgh-based natural resources research and consulting company Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac) has launched a solution called Lens Upstream Optimisation, enabling users to simulate the economic impact and tax implications of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity on company portfolios.

WoodMac Launches M&A Impact ModellerA subsidiary of Verisk Analytics, WoodMac provides data and intelligence services covering the energy, chemicals, metals and mining sectors. Its Lens platform was launched two years ago and offers clients in natural resources markets access to new analysis and data modelling options for 'every major commodity'.

The new Lens Upstream Optimisation tool has been designed to transform how E&P (exploration & production) companies, banks and institutional investors conduct their upstream M&A deal ideation and analysis, with results visually displayed in automatically generated maps, charts and tables. John Dunn, Head of Upstream Product Management, claims that the solution will have a 'profound impact' on customer workflows, transforming economic deal analysis from the domain of specialist economic modellers to a task that any E&P professional or banking analyst can perform, and freeing data specialists to focus on value-add activities rather than 'data wrangling' (the process of gathering, selecting, and transforming data to answer an analytical question).

Greig Aitken, Head of the firm's M&A service, adds: 'With Lens Upstream Optimisation you can build your own custom portfolios to assess strategic fit and value-driven synergies for potential M&A activity on-the-fly. The time to result is up to twenty times faster for assessing opportunities, testing 'what if' scenarios or scanning the market for potential buyers and sellers. Within Wood Mackenzie's M&A research team, we are already realising massive efficiency gains for our own analysis. It's game-changing'.

Web site: www.woodmac.com .

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