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Clear Channel and Bombora in B2B OOH Targeting Deal

December 21 2020

Outdoor advertising company Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) has integrated B2B intent data from Bombora with its own audience planning solution RADARView, to enable brands to identify and reach business decision-makers through its displays.

Dan LeviCCOA says reaching these audiences remains especially relevant, as COVID continues to impact work behavior, travel patterns and the traditional media channels used by B2B advertisers. Bombora's data is drawn from the analysis of 2.8 million businesses globally, to inform advertisers which firms are in the market for specific products and services. Bombora combines online and off-line data sources to create specific B2B audience segments, such as IT/tech decision-makers and C-Suite execs.

By identifying these segments, B2B brands can index all B2B audiences against CCOA's OOH displays and Clear Channel Airport's inventory, to reach their key audiences. In addition, the combination of Bombora's data and RADARView's audience insights, demographics and location targeting enables advertisers to identify how each of CCOA's out-of-home (OOH) displays impacts more than 100 B2B audience segments, and then target them accordingly.

Dan Levi (pictured), EVP & CMO, CCOA, comments: 'While we may be working from our homes, we do still leave them, as data from Geopath, and others, show that people - including business executives - are in their cars, on the roads, running errands and exposed to OOH throughout their day. With the RADARView and Bombora integration, brands have access to the data they need to precisely reach these key customers along their new daily routine journeys'.

Web sites: www.clearchanneloutdoor.com and www.bombora.com .

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