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TVSquared Launches ADvantage XP Cross-Platform Tool

February 2 2021

Cross-platform TV ad measurement specialist TVSquared has launched a fully-automated cookie-less solution called ADvantage XP, to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising for linear television, addressable and OTT/CTV.

Jo KinsellaThe ADvantage analytics platform enables clients in more than 75 countries to quantify the impact of television slots, tie them to business outcomes, and optimize ad performance across TV 'everywhere'. The firm measures reach, attribution and outcomes, helps identify the right audiences, and measures viewing across screens and platforms.

The new ADvantage XP tool links census-level media exposure data to consumer response, to measure reach and frequency, reach extension, outcomes and audience segments. Offering household-level analysis for all forms of TV, the new solution tracks the customer journey and helps advertisers find the right audiences and inventory to drive growth. The tool's household-graph technology can track and measure viewing across all screens - from smart TVs to laptops and mobile devices.

Company President Jo Kinsella (pictured) comments: 'ADvantage XP serves the entire TV landscape with immediate results of creative performance, frequency caps and conversions, and covers every channel, platform, device and identity partner. It is the industry standard for TV's watershed year, where cross-platform ad investments will soar'.

New York and Edinburgh-based TVSquared is online at www.tvsquared.com .

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