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Imperium Launches Automated Respondent 'QualityScore'

February 25 2021

In the US, MR data quality and anti-fraud solutions specialist Imperium has launched an automated tool called QualityScore, designed to improve data quality while reducing reliance on manual checks.

Tim McCarthyImperium offers a suite of technology services and customized solutions to verify personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities, screening out fake, duplicate, unengaged and unqualified survey respondents. This time last year the firm released a tool called Fraudience, which taps into billions of digital patterns created by fraudsters and uses machine learning, NLP and neural networks to combat threats to data quality.

According to a recent review of online panels by Grey Matter Research and Harmon Research, 90 percent of researchers are not taking adequate steps to ensure online panel quality. To counter this, the new QualityScore produces an accuracy rating that incorporates behavioral information, such as speeding, straightlining and poor OE (open-ended) responses, as well as passive analysis, to offer a 'complete picture' of the respondent's attentiveness and reliability.

General Manager Tim McCarthy (pictured) comments: 'We know this tool will save clients time and money, and we calculate that a 10-15% uptick in data accuracy translates to savings averaging around $2K per project and millions of dollars per year. By implementing QualityScore, companies can have greater confidence in their completes. There'll no longer be any need to either revisit surveys or to include sub-par respondents just so they can close on time'.

Web site: www.imperium.com .

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