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YouGov Launches 'Consumer Journey Diagnostics' Tools

March 30 2021

YouGov has launched a templated suite of brand research approaches called Consumer Journey Diagnostics, which it says 'blends the depth of custom research with the cost-effectiveness and speed of syndicated data'.

Julian TookeBased on templated, pre-set questions and built on the firm's BrandIndex brand perception samples, the new suite comprises five products. The first, Recommend+, provides a customer experience, brand and NPS measurement service to help understand how brand attributes and customer experience drive NPS (Net Promoter Score). Second, an approach called Creative Testing allows clients to fully understand the consumer journey and adapt their messaging appropriately.

Third is a New Product Concept Testing tool which can be used to tailor and optimise products before launch. A Brand Loyalty & Switching Diagnostics product helps understand consumer loyalty and analyse their relationships with competitors; while the Purchase Funnel Diagnostics solution helps uncover where the purchase funnel starts for consumers, and discover the relationship between brand and category behaviour, enabling clients to communicate at key points in the purchase funnel.

The suite can be used at any frequency and at any time, conducted continuously as regular tracking surveys, or as single investigations, and can be either brand or sector focused. Julian Tooke (pictured), Global Director of Product Integration, comments: 'YouGov Consumer Journey Diagnostics is a revolutionary new approach to analysing the consumer journey that blends the depth of custom research with the cost-effectiveness and speed of syndicated data. Because it combines templated research approaches with dynamic YouGov BrandIndex samples and the option of bespoke questions, it hands clients the power to ask the right questions to the right people at the right times'.

Web site: www.yougov.com .

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