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Truthify Gets Patent for Emotion-Optimized Ad Tech

May 17 2021

New York-based consumer emotion analytics platform Truthify has been granted a US patent for its 'emotion-optimized' advertising technology.

Justin WiszTruthify uses AI and deep learning to understand mass communication on mobile devices. With viewers' permission, it reads micro-expressions - the small, involuntary movements of muscles in a person's face - to identify and map the emotions experienced when watching a video on their phone. The firm's Earn Per View model then gives brands, content creators and researchers the ability to motivate consumers to view videos that are 30 seconds or less, by compensating them in an immediate micro-transaction in exchange for their reaction data.

The new patent - number 10,990,166 - has been granted for Truthify's Emotion-Optimized Journeys technology, which uses emotion AI to determine the emotional reaction of a viewer, for example to a video advertisement, and provide a custom next action based on their reaction. For instance, if a viewer shows happiness or surprise in response to a particular moment in a video, the viewer might be directed to a charity's 'donate now' page.

CEO Justin Wisz (pictured) comments: 'We designed Emotion-Optimized Journeys to improve the user experience and significantly improve the results for the video sponsor while removing any need for facial recognition or recording. The result is a personalized and private experience for consumers, and higher conversions and advanced insights for advertisers'.

Web site: www.truthify.com .

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