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Kantar and InfoSum in First-Party Data Partnership

June 14 2021

Kantar has partnered with data collaboration platform InfoSum to help advertisers ad TGI consumer insights to their own first-party data, improving targeting.

Sarah SandersonInfoSum uses patented technology to connect customer records between and amongst companies, 'without ever sharing data', and has clients in financial services, content distribution, connected television, eCommerce, gaming and entertainment sectors. Applications range from data-onboarding to more sophisticated goals such as the creation of owned identity platforms, the development of new data and ad products, and the formation of new marketplaces. The firm was founded in 2015, has offices in the US, the UK and Central Europe and is fresh from a $15m Series A investment round.

The partnership means clients can now layer Great Britain TGI data onto their own customer records, enriching their customer understanding with data on attitudes, demographics, use of particular goods and services, leisure activities and media consumption. TGI's consumer segmentations can also be connected to their first-party data to create richer bespoke audiences.

Sunil Modha, Sales Director at InfoSum, comments: 'Safe and secure data collaboration is more important than ever. The depreciation of third-party cookies has resulted in a loss of connectivity and customer knowledge for many companies. To future-proof their marketing, brands and media owners need to be able to access insights that enable them to deliver better campaigns while protecting consumers' personal information. That is exactly where our 'non-movement of data' approach comes into play'.

Sarah Sanderson (pictured), who is Director - Strategy, Insight & TGI, UK & Ireland in Kantar's Media Division, adds: 'Building on TGI's longstanding expertise and value for advertisers, this partnership means marketers get the critical holistic, in-depth understanding of their consumers they need to inform their strategy right across the marketing cycle - from insight, to planning, to activation - in a highly data privacy compliant framework'.

The partners are online at www.infosum.com and www.kantar.com .

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