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Searchmetrics Opens in Chicago

September 3 2021

Berlin, Germany-based SEO and analytics software firm Searchmetrics has opened an office in Chicago, where newly promoted Chief Marketing Officer Lillian Haase has relocated to oversee global marketing.

Lillian HaaseSearchmetrics' products combine search engine optimization and content creation, offering marketers a platform for understanding what shapes customers' decisions and brand preferences. The firm, which also has offices in London, New York and San Mateo, also offers access to an MR subscription service, Searchmetrics Insights, which taps into the company's data on 3.5 billion daily searches to uncover new market and category trends, understand consumer intent, and analyse competitive and consumer data across product categories, countries and regions. This service can also be used to benchmark performance across categories and segments, and size niche markets.

The firm says its new Chicago office will act as a central 'business hub', initially for the Sales and Marketing teams. Haase (pictured), who joined the firm last year as Marketing Director, EMEA, is relocating from Europe to Chicago, in a move designed to provide her with insights into the US market and enable her to transfer that knowledge between the regions.

CEO Matt Colebourne comments: 'Chicago has a thriving business landscape, boasting many digital marketing agencies as well as many existing Searchmetrics' customers. These factors, coupled with the fact that the city is well situated for travel to other parts of the country and internationally, makes it a perfect location for us to expand on our US presence. And Lillian Haase taking over the reins in her new role from the Chicago office will place her in a strong position to use her expertise on our US and our global marketing strategy'.

Web site: www.searchmetrics.com .

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