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Upwave Adds Long-Term Brand Measure

May 6 2022

In the US, analytics company Upwave has expanded its ad measurement platform with the addition of a module called Brand Effects, using longitudinal metrics to help marketers measure the long-term, lasting effect of a brand in the marketplace.

Chris KellyBased in San Francisco and New York and previously known as Survata, Upwave was initially launched as a DIY online consumer survey specialist, and has since become a provider of machine learning-driven brand marketing measurement technology and intelligence. In January, the firm launched a feature called Customer Forecast, to understand which paid brand media tactics are likely to drive future customer growth, and identify long-term media efficiencies.

The new Brand Effects module has been developed to measure the health of a brand, allowing clients to diagnose flat or declining metrics over time as issues with reach or media effectiveness. According to Upwave, these metrics allow marketers to determine the impact of ads on brand health directly: tracking how KPIs like 'awareness' and 'consideration' are impacted over time, from a longitudinal view projecting to the larger population.

CEO Chris Kelly (pictured) comments: 'Upwave is unapologetically supportive of brand advertising, and we work hard every day to prove its value. The addition of Brand Effects to the Upwave platform further enables our brand partners to prove the long-term business outcomes of their brand investment'.

Web site: www.upwave.com .

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