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Maru Launches Implicit Response First'

August 11 2022

CX and insights software and advisory services company Maru Group has launched a platform which it claims is the 'world's first' to measure implicit response passively and accurately across all question types.

Todd TrautzThe new 'experience & insights' platform uses proprietary 'smart clock' technology to capture the moment when respondents start, stop, and reengage with a question. To enable this, Maru has built directly into its platform, a proprietary, dynamic calculation that allows the separation of response time data into implicit and explicit responses.

Chief Innovation and Solutions Officer, Todd Trautz (pictured), explains: 'Our decision-making process operates in two modes; one that is subconscious, fast, involuntary, associative and emotion-based (System 1) and one that is conscious, slow, controlled and rule following (System 2). The vast majority of our decision making, 95%, occurs within the subconscious System 1 mode. By adding the context uncovered by implicit response data collection, we can be more confident in interpreting explicitly stated views'.

Web site: www.marugroup.net .

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